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Episode 62 - Mark Croft - Musical Scholar

February 09, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 3
Music Talks
Episode 62 - Mark Croft - Musical Scholar
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In this episode my guest is Mark Croft who I describe as a ‘musical scholar’. All my guests have a love and passion for music, but Mark takes that to a different level and to every aspect of music.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we explore (amongst other things) the magic of live performance, the importance of shared experience, the joy of playing live, the art of song writing, and the fact that music was around 40.000 years ago in Europe with the bone flute! 

It’s fair to say that we both believe music really matters and Mark finishes the episode with Nietzsche’s quote:

“Without music, life would be a mistake”. 

In typical style Mark tweaked the format and chose all live performances for his song choices and each day for the next two weeks I will be posting those clips (and some of Mark’s shortlist) on

His choices were: 

60’s       The Clancy Brothers       The Parting Glass 

70’s       Rory Gallagher                    As The Crow Flies 

80’s       Talk Talk                                   Living In Another World 

90’s       Massive Attack                   Karmacoma

00’s       Brandi Carlile                      The Story 

10’s       Gillian Welch                       Revelator 

20’s       Bob Dylan                             I Contain Multitudes 

We also talk about the benefits and dangers of streaming technology, and I know Mark has some deep concerns particularly around Spotify and its CEO Daniel Ek. I respect those views and therefore there is no Spotify playlist of songs from this episode. 

Mark also performs live himself, with Farmer’s Markets being a speciality. You can find some of his recordings at:

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Intro & Background
The 60's - The Clancy Brothers - The Parting Glass
The 70's - Rory Gallagher - As The Crow Flies
The 80's - Talk Talk - Living In Another World
The 90's - Massive Attack - Karmacoma
The 00's - Brandi Carlile - The Story
The 10's - Gillian Welch - Revelator
The 20's - Bob Dylan - I Contain Multitudes
Final Thoughts & Close