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Episode 64 - Justin Steiner - Rockin' The Suburbs !

March 08, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 5
Music Talks
Episode 64 - Justin Steiner - Rockin' The Suburbs !
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My guest in this episode is Justin Steiner who comes to Music Talks through his friendship with Music Talks regular and long-time supporter, Steven Routledge. 

They describe themselves as ‘mind meld musical brothers’ but the interesting thing about their friendship is that, to date, they have not actually met face to face as Justin lives near Chicago and Steven near Stirling, in Scotland. 

They met through the brilliant Rockin’ The Suburbs Podcast ( which, when Covid hit, started ‘Friday Night Hootenanny’s’. This was a group of people, geographically disperse, connected by a love of music, meeting up to drink, chat and play! 

Justin talks very movingly about that experience and what a lifeline it was during the challenges of lockdown and Covid. For me, it’s an inspirational story of the power of music and technology to connect people and long may it continue! 

Before we get to that though Justin takes us on a fascinating musical journey from The Muppets, through classical music in Dad’s car, Country music, Top 40 Radio, the musical peak that is 1997 and the desire to explore and find new music. He also reminds us how much the technology that delivers music has changed over that time.  

His song choices are: 

70’s       The Muppet Show Theme           The Muppets

80’s       Michael Jackson                            Billie Jean 

90’s       Matthew Sweet                            Girlfriend 

00’s       Nada Surf                                       Always Love 

10’s       Superchunk                                   Everything at Once 

20’s       Jeff Rosenstock                             Ohio Tpe

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Intro & Background
70's - The Muppet Show Theme - The Muppets
80's - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
90's - Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
00's - Nada Surf - Always Love
10's - Superchunk - Everything At Once
20's - Jeff Rosenstock - Ohio Tpe
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