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Episode 68 - Rachel King - A House of Music

May 11, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 9
Music Talks
Episode 68 - Rachel King - A House of Music
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In a first for Music Talks my guest in this episode is Rachel King who is married to my previous guest Harris King, 'the love of her life'. They share a deep love and passion for music and as per the title of the episode they live in 'A House of Music' . 
 Rachel was born in Chattanooga, a couple of hours from Nashville but is not a great lover of country music. She has a music loving sister, and they grew up listening to Motown from her parents and Big Bands from her grandmother, along with 40's music and Elvis Gospel. An incredibly formative influence for her were mixtapes pilfered from a friends older, cooler sister. Not only did she have great taste but there were no song titles on the tapes!  
Rachel has a deep love of 'the South' but describes herself as 'very blue in a red state' but works hard to avoid conflict. She has built a successful career in the Insurance Industry, which doesn't have a great record when it comes to diversity and equality, and we discuss some of the challenges she has had to face and overcome as a woman in that environment. 
 Other interests include Sports (Baseball, Formula1, Basketball), Reading and Gardening but what is clear from our conversation, and as John Miles said in 1976, for Rachel it's a clear case that ' Music was my first love and it will be my last' 

Rachel's song choices were: 
70's -   Suicide                             Ghost Rider

80’s -   Pride                                  U2

90’s -   Fake Plastic Trees      Radiohead 

00’s -   Just Be Simple              Songs: Ohia 

10’s -   Slomo                                 Slowdive

20’s -   Like I Used To                Sharon Von Etten, Angel Olsen  

A song from every artist we mention , including Rachel's song choices, can be found here. It's a great mix. Enjoy :-)

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Intro & Background
70's - Ghost Rider - Suicide
80's - Pride - U2
90's - Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
00's - Just Be Simple - Songs: Ohia
10's - Slomo - Slowdive
20's - Like I Used To - Sharon Von Etten, Angel Olson
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