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Episode 72 - Beth Collier - That Will Never Work!

July 13, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 13
Music Talks
Episode 72 - Beth Collier - That Will Never Work!
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My guest in this episode is Beth Collier, a notoriously curious person who loves storytelling, pop culture and learning. 

Originally from Indiana, USA, Beth has lived abroad for the last 17 years. That means she knows how to drink tea with milk, but still appreciates it over ice.

Over her career she’s worked in the entertainment and travel industries in the US, the government in New Zealand, and financial services in London. 

Beth now helps corporate leaders improve their public speaking, writing, and storytelling skills — no mean feat! — and runs workshops for teams to strengthen their creativity and communication skills. 

You can find further details on her website:

She also produces a great newsletter called Curious Minds which is full of positive, encouraging, inspirational and FUN stories. Beth loves to weave pop culture into business lessons, and it works! 

You can subscribe to Curious Minds at

Beth’s song choices are: 

70’s Last Dance                   Donna Summer 

80’s Express Yourself       Madonna

90’s  November Rain        Guns N’ Roses

00’s  Toxic                                Britney Spears 

10’s Nightcall                         Kavinsky

20’s  Dreams                          The Cranberries 

We touched on a whole raft of other artists in our discussion and you can find a song from each on this extensive and great Playlist - Enjoy 

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Intro & Background
70's - Last Dance - Donna Summer
80's - Express Yourself - Madonna
90's - November Rain - Guns N' Roses
00's - Toxic - Britney Spears
10's - Nightcall - Kavinsky
20's - Dreams - The Cranberries
Final Thoughts & Close