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Episode 73 - Kirsten Walker - Vinyl Barbie

July 27, 2022 Terry Smith
Music Talks
Episode 73 - Kirsten Walker - Vinyl Barbie
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My guest in this episode is Kirsten Walker who I got to know and work with during my last few years in Seattle. Since then, we have kept in touch, our friendship has grown, and I am delighted to have finally got Kirsten on the show. 

In this episode we discuss a wide range of topics including  

·        Being born in Copenhagen and a rather unusual claim to fame 

·        Being raised by a single parent who was her music loving Dad 

·        Colorado to California in a Red 74 Corvette Stingray with two dachshunds

·        Living in LA in the 80’s, listening to KROQ, skipping school to go to the beach 

·        Her husband Greg mistaking the Waterboys for U2. 

·        The importance of mixtapes 

·        The power of the ‘Sales Hype Song’ 

·        The trials and tribulations of middle age 

·        The joy and challenges of bringing parents up 

·        How to be an executive record producer

·        Getting to a better place! 

I have always admired Kirsten’s energy, passion, and openness and for me they shine through in our chat. 

It’s also clear that music plays an important part in her life and her song choices were: 

70’s       Take It Easy                                                            The Eagles 

80’s       Where The Streets Have No Name          U2

90’s       Enter Sandman                                                     Metallica 

00’s       Get It Together                                                      Seal 

10’s       Patience                                                                    Tame Impala 

20’s       Windows Are Rolled Down                           Amos Lee 

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Intro & Background
The 70's - Take It Easy - The Eagles
The 80's - Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
The 90's - Enter Sandman - Metallica
The 00's - Get It Together - Seal
The 10's - Patience - Tame Impala
The 20's - Windows Are Rolled Down - Amos Lee
Final Thoughts & Close