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The Milestone Compilation

September 08, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 17
Music Talks
The Milestone Compilation
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Recently Music Talks has passed several significant milestones: 
 ·        It’s Third Anniversary 


·        500 Followers on Facebook 

·        75 Episodes

I have done celebratory episodes at 25 and 50 episodes, and this felt like a good opportunity to look back over the past year and choose some of my favourite moments. 

I have chosen a different guest for each decade, and I believe these clips show the mix of music nerdery and great life stories that the show has become. I’m hoping it will also function as a nice introduction for potential guests to get a feel for what they have signed up for 😊 The clips I have chosen are 

60’s       Mark Spickett (Ep.55) - A Kunle A Tewo Adura - King Sunny Ade

Mark is a dear friend who tells the most fascinating stories of growing up in Africa. He poses the question ‘Was Dad a Spy?' and the clip finishes with a quick Ted Talk on African music in the 60’s and the delights of the talking drum. Due to time constraints i had to edit out the story of him seeing his dad held at gun point when he was 5! 

70’s       Malcolm Garrett MBE (Ep.70) - Surrounded by Stars - Amon Duul II

Malcolm is one of the most significant Graphic Designers the UK has produced, hence the MBE. He is most famous for his work in the 70’s and early 80’s with bands such Buzzcocks, Magazine, Duran Duran and Simple Minds. 
 In this clip Malcolm talks through his teenage years, his discovery of music, his use of hallucinogens and their impact on him and his subsequent work. He’s a fascinating man with an equally fascinating story

80’s       Julie Simpson (Ep.66) - Stand and Deliver - Adam and The Ants

I had the pleasure of working with Julie over many years and with good reason describe her as a ‘force of nature’. That comes across in every second of this clip where she talks us through her 80’s, her undying love for Adam and The Ants, Wham, Duran Duran and the role they play in connecting her to four friends from that time. 

90’s       Nick Sheppard (Ep.53) - More - Sisters of Mercy

Like many guests Nick talks with disarming honesty about what was going on for him during this decade and his desire for “More’. It culminates with the brilliant statement that ‘by the end of the 90’s I was a fully loaded sales dick’! Essential listening 😊 

00’s       Dave Cronen (Ep.63) Dave Cronen - Sea Song – Doves

Dave has never played a note of music in his life but has spent most of his career working in the music industry with bands such as Beastie Boys, At the Drive-In and Doves, who provide his song choice. Needless to say, he has fantastic stories and some great insights. 

10’s Justin Steiner (Ep.64) - Everything at Once – Superchunk

Justin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music and came to the show through my dear friend Steven Routledge and the remarkable community that is Rockin’ the Suburbs ( 
 I owe Justin a big thanks for turning me on to one of the best albums of 2022, Superchunk’s ‘Wild Loneliness’. 

20’s       Dan French (Ep.52) - Times Like These - Live Lounge Allstars

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Intro & Background
60's - Mark Spickett (Ep.55) - A Kunle A Tewo Adura - King Sunny Ade
70's - Malcolm Garrett MBE (Ep.70) - Surrounded By Stars - Amon Duul II
80's - Julie Simpson (Ep.66) - Stand and Deliver - Adam & The Ants
90's - Nick Sheppard (Ep.53) - More - Sisters of Mercy
00's - Dave Cronen (Ep.63) Dave Cronen - Sea Song - Doves
10's - Justin Steiner (Ep.64) - Everything At Once - Superchunk
20's - Dan French (Ep.52) - Times Like These - Live Lounge Allstars
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