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Episode 77 Pt.2 - Ian Rogers - Familiar With A Twist

September 29, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 17
Music Talks
Episode 77 Pt.2 - Ian Rogers - Familiar With A Twist
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This is Part 2 of my chat with Ian Rogers .There were simply too many good stories to keep this to a single episode .

Ian , in his own words: 

  • Is a skateboarder from Northern Indiana 
  • Has been a record collector since the age of 5
  • Started programming a few years later 
  • Became a father at 17 and a grandfather at 50 
  • Dropped out of Grad School in 1995 to go on tour with Beastie Boys 
  • Spent 20 years building digital music with Winamp, Yahoo!, Beats, & then Apple Music. 
  • Moved to Paris in 2015 to start a new career as Chief Digital Officer at LVMH 
  • Became, in Jan 2021, the Chief Experience Officer at Ledger where he’s leveraging all this experience and getting to grips  with the new world of digital assets 

In addition to Beastie Boys, Ian has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including amongst others  The Pixies, Paul McCartney David Byrne, Brian Eno, Kanye West, Dr.Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and Trent Reznor,

A self-declared obsessive his music knowledge and taste is both wide and very deep, with ‘challenging’ being his go to choice although Joni Mitchell and Sade do creep in to his listening habits as well. 


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00's - Paper Planes - MIA
10's - On Sight - Kanye West
20's - Televised Mind - Fontaines D.C.
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