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Episode 81 Pt.1 - Dermot McCormack - 'Digital Dermot From Dublin'

December 01, 2022 Terry Smith Season 4 Episode 22
Music Talks
Episode 81 Pt.1 - Dermot McCormack - 'Digital Dermot From Dublin'
Show Notes

My guest in this episode is Dermot McCormack. 

Given his name it will be no surprise to hear that Dermot was born in Dublin in 1969 and grew up in the working-class area of Ballyfermot in the city. In the early 90’s, after a formative year in France and a summer spent in the US, he emigrated to the US which is still home to him today. For a long time, he lived in New York, but he recently moved with his wife Donna to the sunshine and sand of Manhattan Beach in California. 

Whilst his degree was in Electrical Engineering, he has spent his working life at the intersection of Technology, Music, Content & Entertainment. He has worked at several major companies including Viacom, AOL & MTV and highlights for me include him being part of the team that produced Rock Band Beatles Edition, powering all the music in Tesla’s and owning a Podcast company! 

Like all my guests Dermot has a deep love of music and wide-ranging tastes, with Tom Waits, Ska and a certain Irish band called U2 being deep favourites. Whatever your views on U2 I challenge you not to be moved and inspired by Dermot’s story of walking 10 minutes from home in 1983 to see U2 at Phoenix Park and 17 years later having dinner with Bono where he was given the nickname ‘Digital Dermot from Dublin’. 

Dermot's song choices in this Part. 1 episode are: 

60’s       Here Comes The Sun                                                          The Beatles 

70’s       I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You               Tom Waits 

80’s       Ghost Town                                                                               The Specials 

90’s       One                                                                                                 U2 

Enjoy :-)

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