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Episode 86 - Christina Boubalou - 'I believe in Magic'

May 03, 2023 Terry Smith Season 5 Episode 5
Music Talks
Episode 86 - Christina Boubalou - 'I believe in Magic'
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My guest on this episode is Christina Boubalou who comes to the show via an introduction from a previous guest Roy Sharples (Ep.61). Thanks for the intro Roy, and your continued support. 

I’m delighted to say that Christina is my first guest from Greece, and she is a true Athenian. She has lived there all her life and continues to live there today along with her husband who was her best friend in high school! 

Christina always thought she would become a chemist but through a set of happy accidents she started her working career in 1997 in the music industry with Virgin Records. She later moved into Marketing & PR in the corporate world but describes her time in the music industry as ‘the best job I ever had’. 

In her own words she has always been ‘obsessed with music’ and on numerous occasions it has been her ‘saviour and salvation’. She talks fondly about the challenges of getting to hear music and see live shows in Greece and for me that was a timely reminder of how spoiled we were musically growing up in the UK or the US. At the end of the day though music lovers will always find a way. 

Whilst I wasn’t aware when Roy made the introduction Christina is also a big fan of Springsteen and on July 23rd she will be in Munich for the first time to see him live, I just wish I could be there with her 😊 

In addition to her song choices Christina also chose a word to describe each decade and I have included these below. Enjoy! 

70’s -     Birth                     Love Is The Drug                              Roxy Music 

80’s -     Dream                 Livin’ On A Prayer                            Bon Jovi 

90’s -     Adulthood         Dance Of The Bad Angels          Tim Booth, Angelo Badalamenti 

00’s -     Reinvention      Hung Up                                                Madonna 

10’s -     Maturity             Jenny Of Oldstones                       Florence + The Machine 

20’s -     Cycle                      Nightshift                                            Bruce Springsteen

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Intro & Background
70's - Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music
80's - Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
90's - Dance Of The Bad Angels - Tim Booth, Angelo Badalamenti
00's - Hung Up - Madonna
10's - Jenny Of Oldstones - Florence + The Machine
20's - Nighshift - Bruce Springsteen
Final Thoughts