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Episode 87 - Henrik Johnson - A Father of Invention

May 31, 2023 Terry Smith Season 5 Episode 6
Music Talks
Episode 87 - Henrik Johnson - A Father of Invention
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My guest in this episode is Henrik Johnson, who is my first guest from Sweden. 

Henrik was born and grew up in a small town called Karlskoga which is between Stockholm and Oslo. Whilst not ‘desperate to get out ‘he left Karlskoga at the first opportunity and has subsequently lived & worked on three continents including stints in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Greece. For the past 20 years home has been Southern California where he lives today in Newport Beach with his wife Lisa and their 6-year-old daughter Sarah. 

Henrik’s story is one of grabbing opportunities when they come up (even if it takes you to a war zone) , making what you enjoy your guiding light and recognising that necessity is the mother of invention.  It also contains a brilliantly romantic story of him, very uncharacteristically, inviting Lisa his wife on a sailing holiday in the Caribbean after their first date! 

Like many of my guests Henrik shares a twin passion for music and technology and you can see this running through his music choices. Not surprisingly though he starts with Abba and the delights of Eurovision, and because of the brilliant story above I made an exception and allowed Henrik to choose his first dance song at his wedding for the 2010’s 

His song choices are: 

70’s        Waterloo                                                              Abba

80’s        Just Can’t Get Enough                                  Depeche Mode

90’s        Friday I’m In Love                                             The Cure

00’s        Nothing But You (PvD Radio Mix)          Paul Van Dyk 

10’s        What A Wonderful World                           Louis Armstrong 

20’s        You Are                                                                   Gareth Emery                                                 


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Intro & Background
70's - Waterloo - Abba
80's - Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
90's - Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
00's - Nothing But You - Paul Van Dyk (PvD Radio Mix)
10's - What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
20's - You Are - Gareth Emery
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