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Episode 88 - Bryan McKay - Lana Made Me Late For Work!!

July 06, 2023 Terry Smith Season 5 Episode 7
Music Talks
Episode 88 - Bryan McKay - Lana Made Me Late For Work!!
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My guest in this episode is Brian MacKay who was introduced to Music Talks by Roy Sharples my guest in Episode 61. (Thanks Roy!) 

Bryan is just 50 and works in a third sector charity.  He lives in Peterhead, a large fishing port in Aberdeenshire, with his wife, 4 children and a Cockapoo acquired during Covid. Like me Bryan is the youngest in his family but in his case, he had three older sisters and on his own admittance was spoilt rotten as a child. 

Since 2015 he has been a keen runner and next month, he will run his first Marathon and an Ultra Marathon is the eventual goal. 

That sort of commitment and determination can also be seen in Bryan’s obsessive love of bands and music, and he has some great stories to tell, including how Lana Del ray made him late for work.!. His musical taste is genuinely wide ranging, and I can’t wait to pull together the Playlist for this episode as he touched on so many great artists in our chat. 

Bryan’s song choices are: 

70’s -     Please Mr. Postman -                                  Carpenters

80’s -     Waterfall -                                                        The Stone Roses

90’s -     Dead Flag Blues -                                         Godspeed You! Black Emperor    

00’s -     Slow Show                                                       The National

10’s -     Video Games                                                  Lana Del Rey 

20’s -     Death Is Not The End                                Embrace        


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Intro & Background
70's - Please Mr Postman - Carpenters
80's - Waterfall - The Stone Roses
90's - The Dead Flag Blues - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
00's - Slow Show - The National
10's - Video Games - Lana Del Ray
20's - Death Is Not The End - Embrace
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