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Episode 90 - Craig Colby - All Caps

September 07, 2023 Terry Smith Season 5 Episode 9
Music Talks
Episode 90 - Craig Colby - All Caps
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My guest in this episode is Craig Colby, a master storyteller with a successful 30-year award winning career in television working for The Sports Network and the Discovery Channel amongst others. 

In 2017, the opportunity of losing his job presented itself and he set up his own story telling company Colbyvision. He now spends his time helping production companies broadcasters and business owners make top-notch programs & tell their stories. 

He also has one of my favourite Lockdown stories. Craig connected with people over Facebook by wearing a different hat each day for 125 days and people then shared their hats in the comments. At the behest of his mother this then became his first book ‘ALL CAPS: Stories That Justify an Outrageous Hat Collection’ which won the Non-Fiction Category at The Canadian Book Awards in 2022. 

Craig comes to Music Talks via my dear friend Jesse Jackson from the Set Lusting Bruce Podcast. Jesse’s intro mail included the great line ‘Craig’s book is Music Talks with hats!’ – how could I resist. The book is available on Amazon but if you are in the UK and want a physical copy it currently ships from the U.S. but believe me its worth the wait! 

It’s no surprise that Craig has a compelling story to tell with lots of great insights and observations. He also put a lot of work into making song selections that have a personal connection but also have a connection to what was going on in the wider world.  

Craig’s song selections were: 

60’s      -           Love Child                                         -           Diana Ross & The Supremes 
70’s      -           Don’t Take Away The Music   -           Tavares
80’s      -           Modern Love                                   -           David Bowie
90’s      -           Fumbling Towards Ectasy        -           Sarah McLachlan
00’s      -           Lonesome Day                                -           Bruce Springsteen
10’s      -           Tightrope                                           -           Janelle Monae
20’s      -           As It Was                                             -           Harry Styles 

Enjoy :-)

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Intro & Background
60's - Love Child - Diana Ross & the Supremes
70's - Don't Take Away The Music - Tavares
80's - Modern Love - David Bowie
90's - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan
00's - Lonesome Day - Bruce Springsteen
10's - Tightrope - Janelle Monae
20's - As It Was - Harry Stylers
How Craig's book 'All Caps' came about