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Episode 91 - Giorgos Gavriil - Love Is The Main Thing

October 05, 2023 Terry Smith Season 5 Episode 10
Music Talks
Episode 91 - Giorgos Gavriil - Love Is The Main Thing
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My guest in this episode is Giorgos Gavriil who generously allowed me to use his English name of ‘George’ through our chat. 

Born in 1975 in the port city of Piraeus in Greater Athens, George continues to live in Greece but has moved to the mountains from the sea where he lives with wife and his two young children.

He was a late bloomer in terms of music but when things clicked in his late teens there was no looking back. He describes himself as ‘compulsive’ and ‘obsessive’ and this has driven a lifelong passion that’s produced a deep love and an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music. In recent years those same characteristics have driven his learning to play guitar which he impressively practices an hour a day! 

George was good enough to provide me with his list of 101 Favourite Albums and it makes for fascinating reading.  We tale about some of those albums during the episode but if anyone would like to see the full list, please email me at

There is a strong theme of passion and emotion that runs through all of George’s song selections and it’s a list I really love. His song selections were: 

70’s        Mind Power                                                                   James Brown

80’s        Tango Till They’re Sore                                            Tom Waits

90’s        Love You Should’ve Come Over                         Jeff Buckley 

00’s        A Thousand Kisses Deep                                        Leonard Cohen 

10’s        Conversation 16                                                          The National

20’s        Love Is The Main Thing                                             Fontaines D.C. 

Enjoy :-) 

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Intro & Background
70's - Mind Power - James Brown
80's - Tango Till They're Sore - Tom Waits
90's - Lover You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley
00's - A Thousand Kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen
10's - Conversation 16 - The National
20's - Love Is The Main Thing - Fontaines D.C.
George's 101 Favourite Albums
Final Thoughts