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Episode 92 - Paul Webb - The Little Engine That Could

November 02, 2023 Terry Smith
Music Talks
Episode 92 - Paul Webb - The Little Engine That Could
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My guest in this episode is Paul Webb who comes to the show via an introduction from a previous guest Nick Sheppard (Ep.53) – Many thanks Nick. 

Paul is a self-confessed ‘Music Talks Junkie’ and I love the fact that he listens to the episodes on his journey to and from Fly Fishing. Originally from the UK he’s lived in the U.S for over 30 years and now has the joy of living in Bend, Oregon which I am very jealous of having had a couple of delightful holidays there and at one point we seriously considered retiring there. 

Music is a clear passion for Paul, both listening but also playing guitar. He describes himself disparagingly as ‘a hack’ but I hardly think that’s fair particularly given he’s a left hander who plays right-handed. His musical passion is complemented by several others including:

·        Family – his wife Talley and their two children Ellis & Dylan.

·        Climbing – Paul shares several fun, inspirational stories about climbing as well as one about climbing the Royal Arches in Yosemite and almost not making it down. 

·        Cycling – with three friends he did The Race Across America, which is 3200 miles in 7 days. This was the inspiration for one of his song choices and the title of the episode. 

He also shares openly and movingly about the challenges his son Ellis faced with addiction and how he came very close to death. I’m delighted to say that Ellis is now well into his recovery and in Paul’s own words is thriving. 

Paul finishes his song selections with a performance of an original song by himself and his younger child Dylan. There’s a great story behind it and the performance is just exquisite. 

Paul’s song selections are: 

60’s -     Moon River                                                                   Audrey Hepburn
70’s -     Carillon                                                                            Sky
80’s -     Love Is A Stranger                                                     Eurythmics
90’s -     Signe                                                                                 Eric Clapton
00’s -     Fix You                                                                             Coldplay
10’s -     Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)                 Matt Summers
20’s -     Made It Out of Clay                                                  Dylan Webb 

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Intro & Background
60's - Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
70's - Carillon - Sky
80's - Love Is A Stranger - Eurythmics
90's - Signe - Eric Clapton
00's - Fix You - Coldplay
10's - Catch & Deliver (Deepend Remix) - Matt Summers
Made It Out Of Clay - Dylan Webb
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