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Favourite Albums of 2023 - Part 2

December 28, 2023 Terry Smith Season 5
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Favourite Albums of 2023 - Part 2
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This time of year isn’t just the season of goodwill it’s also the season of “Best Of” lists and it’s part of the musical year that I love.
 It’s always good to know that things you like are also enjoyed by others but the real joy for me is gaining new insight into albums I’ve enjoyed or discovering albums that I have missed.
 My hope is that this episode will do some of that for you.
 As in previous years I am joined by my Podcast pal Steven Routledge and we both talk through our Top 10 albums and play a short clip from each of them.
 In this Part 2 we each count down from 5 to 1 and reveal our ‘Album of the Year '

‘Chapter Markers’ contains full details of songs/artists/albums and there is a summary list below. You can also use 'Chapter markers ' to play individual choices if you wish.
 Steven's Album Choices:
5 – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’             - Teenage Fanclub 

4 – ‘Rat Saw God’                                  - Wednesday

3 – ‘The Ballad of Darren’                 - Blur 

2 – ‘It All Began With Loneliness’ - The Anchoret

1 – Roll Up A” Song                                - Gonzalez Smith 

 My Album Choices:
5 – ‘IDES’                                                     - King Creosote

4 – ‘Joy’All’                                                  -Jenny Lewis

3 – ‘Strays’                                                   - Margo Price 

2 – The Great White Sea Eagle       - James Yorkston/Nina Persson/ The Second Hand Orchestra

1 – ‘The Candle and the Flame’      - Robert Forster


Please do let me know what you think of these choices and particularly if there is new music you like. You can do that by emailing me at , I really look forward to hearing from you. 
Wishing you a very Happy New Year and lets hope 2024 is another great year for music. 

Music Talks will be back with the first episode of the New Year on Thursday February 1st, 2024. 

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S5 - 'Self - Sedation' by Teenage Fanclub from the album 'Nothing Lasts Forever'
S4 - 'Chosen To Deserve by Wednesday, from the album 'Rat Saw God'
S3 - 'Barbaric' by Blur, from the album 'Ballad of Darren'
S2 - 'A Dead Man' by Anchoret, from the album 'It All Began With Loneliness'
Steven's Album of the Year - She's My Girl' by Gonzalez Smith from the album 'Roll Up A Song'
T5 - 'Blue Marbled Elm Trees' by King Creosote, from the album 'IDES'
T4 - 'Puppy and a Truck' by Jenny Lewis, from the album 'Joy'All'
T3 - 'Been To The Mountain' by Margo Price, from the album 'Strays'
T2 - 'An Upturned Crab' by James Yorkston/Nina Persson/The Second Hand Orchestra, from the album 'The Great White Sea Eagle'
Terry's Album of the Year - 'When I Was a Young Man' by Robert Forster from the album 'The Candle and the Flame'
Honourable Mentions