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Christmas B-Sides - Best Songs of 2020

December 09, 2020 Terry Smith
Music Talks
Christmas B-Sides - Best Songs of 2020
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This is the first of two special "Christmas B-Side" editions. Yes, its that time of year where my good friend Steven Routledge and I choose our Top 10 Songs and Albums of the year and tell you why they made the cut. 

In this first edition we get to review our Top 10 (or 11?) songs. 

You the listener will of course be the final arbiter but I think this is a nicely varied set of choices and  I do hope you find some new music to enjoy over the holiday and into 2021. If you do please do let me know. 

Best Albums of 2020 will follow on Christmas Eve. 

There is a Spotify Playlist that includes most of our choices and that can be found at
Just cut and paste the link into your browser 

Steven being the eclectic music nerd he is made four choices that are only available on Bandcamp . They are well worth seeking out and can be found at!AtLI1YWPb0cPiso7VRDLBIeIhimfYA?e=1JRnNv
Once again cut & paste into your browser 

Happy Listening :-) 

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Part 1 - Steven's Song Choices 10-5
Part 2 - My Song Choices 10-5
Part 3 - Steven's Song Choices 5-1
Part 4 - My Song Choices 5-1
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