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Christmas B-Sides - Best Albums of 2020

December 24, 2020 Terry Smith
Music Talks
Christmas B-Sides - Best Albums of 2020
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This is the second of this year's Christmas B-Sides and it’s the BIG one , the Best Albums of 2020. 
 I'm joined again by fellow music nerd Steven Routledge and whilst our combined choices aren't totally all encompassing, they do cover a wide range of musical genres and I hope that there is something in hear which is new to you and appeals. Who knows there might even be the odd comment from one of us that provides some insight as well :-) 
 The format of the episode is that Steven and I pick 10 albums each and we put them into a prioritised order? Steven kicks off from 10 to 5, I reciprocate and we repeat for choices 5 to 1. 
 This Spotify Playlist has a song from each album choice and follows the flow of the episode. Just cut & paste into your browser.
 Thank you for listening during 2020, you have no idea how fulfilling it is to know there are people out there listening and enjoying. 

I look forward to welcoming you into 2021 with a stonking first episode which will be released on January 7th.  

Steven's Album Choices 10 to 5
My Album Choices 10 to 5
Steven's Album Choices 5 to 1
My Album Choices 5 to 1
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