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Episode 47 - Brian Hawkins - The Disrupter

June 09, 2021 Terry Smith Season 3 Episode 11
Music Talks
Episode 47 - Brian Hawkins - The Disrupter
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Today's guest is Brian Hawkins. 
 In painting his pen portrait at the start of the episode Brian recounts a story of being described recently as "disruptive" and the fact that this pleased him because "there cannot be change without disruption and my life has been about change”. 
 As we go through his choices and stories it’s clear that he has a point! As well as being a husband and father to two daughters, living in Scotland, London and Cyprus and travelling the world, Brian has had five distinct careers spanning Theatre Producer, Trainer, Sales Coach, Accountancy Nerd, and since 2010, a celebrant of the Humanist Society of Scotland. 
 It's no surprise that Brian has a raft of great stories, matched by one of the most wide-ranging sets of song choices we have had on Music Talks. 
 If you are a lover of not just music, but of life, this episode is for you! 
Brian's song choices are: 
 50's     Chris Barber                                    Climax Rag (Live) 

60’s     The Corries                                        Killecrankie 

70’s     Donovan                                             Song for John 

80’s     Bruce Springsteen                         Racing in The Street 

90’s     Annie Lennox                                   Walking on Broken Glass 

00’s     Arcade Fire                                        Keep the Car Running 

10’s     Bellowhead                                        New York Girls 

20’s     Christine and the Queens          Tilted 


These songs together with a song from every artist mentioned can be found on the Playlist below. 



Intro & Background
The 50's - Chris Barber - Climax Rag (Live)
The 60's - The Corries - Killecrankie
The 70's - Donovan - Song for John
The 80's - Bruce Springsteen - Racing In The Street
The 90's - Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass
The 00's - Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
The 10's - Bellowhead - New York Girls
The 20's - Christine and the Queens - Tilted
Final Thoughts & Close