Music Talks

Episode 50 - A Celebratory Compilation

July 22, 2021 Terry Smith Season 3 Episode 14
Music Talks
Episode 50 - A Celebratory Compilation
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Getting to Episode 50 is an important milestone for me and one that I wanted to celebrate in some way. 
 I didn't want to get into choosing my "favourite " clips as that would be a harder task even than choosing a song from each decade of my life :-) It also didn't feel the right thing to do as I have genuinely enjoyed every one of the 49 episodes. 
 In recent months I have been flattered that a few people, thinking about starting a Podcast, have reached out for some advice and guidance and that gave me an idea for a theme I could use for this compilation episode. 
 The clips in this episode take you through some of the things I think you need to make a Podcast successful and fulfilling. This theme made choosing clips easier, as some pick themselves, and it also allowed me to keep the narrative structure of the decades. 
 As I say at the end of the episode, if you are a regular listener, I hope you will enjoy revisiting the archives and if you are a new listener, I hope this serves as an enjoyable introduction to what you can expect from Music Talks. 
 Whatever sort of listener you are I do want to say a heartfelt thank you. Music Talks has given me all sorts of unexpected joy and fulfilment and the buzz that comes from knowing that people are listening (and even better hearing from them) never diminishes. Long may it continue. 
 The Tracks chosen by my guests in this episode are 
 Larry Hauser - 50's             Elvis Presley            Hound Dog 

Jesse Jackson – 60’s            Sam Cooke              A Change Is Gonna Come 

Paul Simpson – 70’s             Jethro Tull                Wond’ring Aloud 

Steve Clayton – 80’s            U2                                 Where the Streets Have No Name 

John Wills – 90’s                   June Tabor                The Great Valerio 

Jo Berry – 00’s                        Keane                          Everybody’s Changing 

Brain Painting – 10’s           Dr.Dog                        That Old Black Hole 

Mike Pegg – 20’s                   The Beatles               Here Comes The Sun 


I have compiled a Spotify Playlist of all the song choices that have been made over the previous 49 episodes and it neatly comes to 300 songs. 

It may not be the biggest or the best Playlist but it’s certainly the most “decade-consistent” you will find and a must for all family parties 😊 You can find it here:

Enjoy and Onwards we go. 

Intro & Background
Inspiration - Larry Hauser
Encouragement & Support - Jesse Jackson
Theme Music - Paul Simpson (The Professors)
The First Guest - Steve Clayton
Sound & Audio - John Wills
Compelling Public Stories - Jo Berry
Compelling Private Stories - Brian Painting
Hope, Optimism & Positive Encouragement - Mike Pegg
Close & Dedication