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Episode 52 - Dan French - Times Like These

August 19, 2021 Terry Smith Season 3 Episode 16
Music Talks
Episode 52 - Dan French - Times Like These
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My guest in this episode is Dan French. 

As is often the case with my guests there is a work connection however in this case Dan worked with my brother Jim in the 90’s, not with myself. His name has come up regularly since that time and I am delighted he came on the show. 

To say Dan is an avid consumer of music is an understatement. This episode is a veritable Cook’s tour of the last six decades of music and in this 75-minute episode we manage to reference a 124 artists and songs spanning a whole range of genres and trends. 

Somehow Dan managed to whittle that down to these seven great choices 

60’s       The Beatles                                                     Revolution

70’s        Derek & The Dominos                             Layla 

80’s       Joan Armatrading                                       All the Way from America 

90’s       Jeff Buckley                                                     Hallelujah 

00’s       The Magic Numbers                                   Forever Lost

10’s       Adele                                                                    Someone Like You 

20’s       Live Lounge All Stars                                   Times Like These 

In amongst all that music Dan has some fascinating stories including: 

·        An extended road trip to the US and Canada in the early 80’s 

·        Moving a Buick Regal Sedan from Seattle to San Bernadino on a motorcycle licence 

·        Working with  big  names in I.T including James Martin & Tom Gruber (creator of Siri) 

·        The journey to becoming CEO and owner of Consider Solutions

·        Making his daughters late for school by taking them to the IOW Festival 

·        Forming the band Bromma Plan and playing in Amsterdam, Vienna, Ibiza, and Edinburgh 

Dan is the proud father of two wonderful daughters, Hannah and Amy and now lives in Weybridge with his partner Georgia and her children Raff and Sienna. 

Here is the link to the hit packed 123 songs on Dan's Playlist. Just cut and paste into your browser and enjoy :-)

Intro & Background
The 60's - The Beatles - Revolution
The 70's - Derek & The Donino's - Layla
The 80's - Joan Armatrading - All The Way From America
The 90's - Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
The 00's - The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
The 10's - Adele - Someone Like You
The 20's - Live Lounge All Stars - Times Like These
Final Thoughts & Close