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Episode 53 - Nick Sheppard - Lucky and Happy

September 02, 2021 Terry Smith Season 3 Episode 17
Music Talks
Episode 53 - Nick Sheppard - Lucky and Happy
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Nick was born the year AC/DC were formed (1973)) in the historically significant town of Hastings, which by then was more than a little tired. His parents John and Chrissie later moved the family up the coast to Bexhill-on- Sea, which Nick brilliantly sums up as a place where the main industry is care homes, London is the North and ambition is modest. 
 At University something clicked for Nick and with that came a desire for "MORE" and he was in a hurry to get it. In Nick's own inimitable words in the 90's he became a "fully loaded sales dick" and a successful one at that. 
 The first half of the 00's on the other hand was an incredibly challenging time for Nick and was in many ways life changing, as was the arrival in his life of Vicki who he married in 2011. 
 When we recorded this episode Nick and Vicki were preparing to move themselves and their three children Ben, Noah & Matilda to a new home and a new life in the French Alps. This is a plan and a move that has been in train for several years, and they are now in their new home. 
 I wish them every possible success in this brave and inspirational endeavour, and I look forward to having Vicki on the show in a years’ time to tell us how it’s going and share her story. 
 Nick's musical journey has had as many turns as his personal journey and he came up with a great set of song selections: 

70’s     Kenny Rogers                                                                                             The Gambler 

80’s     Guns N’Roses                                                                                You Could Be Mine 

90’s     Sisters of Mercy                                                                                                         More

00’s     Foo Fighters                                                                                               The Pretender

10’s     Pete Tong/Jules Buckley/Maxi Jazz                                                          Insomnia 

20’s     Jackie Wilson                    (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher 


These selections and a song from every artist mentioned is included in this Spotify Playlist.

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Intro & Background
The 70's - Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
The 80's - Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine
The 90's - Sisters of Mercy - More
The 00's - Foo Fighters - The Pretender
The 10's - Pete Tong & Jules Buckley Heritage Orchestra (ft. Maxi Jazz from Faithless)
The 20's - Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
Final Thoughts & Close