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Episode 56 - Mark Harrison - Painkillers & Pasta

October 21, 2021 Terry Smith
Music Talks
Episode 56 - Mark Harrison - Painkillers & Pasta
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My guest in this episode is Mark Harrison. 

A friend of a previous guest Dan French, Mark listened to episode 52 and liked it so much he decided he wanted to come on the show, which is a process that always pleases me. 

In amongst the music we talk about: 

·        His Grandfather’s houseboat, Calisto, on the Grand Union Canal 

·        Born in West London in 1962 then moving to South Africa as a 10-year-old. 

·        Returning from that strict and strait-laced environment four years later to a UK at the   height of the punk era

·        Getting his black belt in Kick Boxing at the age of 42 

·        Becoming a mature student and graduating with a BA Hons at the age of 47 

·        Starting a I year contract in the Czech Republic in 2005 and never leaving! 

·        Marrying Daria in 2010 

·        Starting his own company (called Calisto) in 2012 

·        The delights of train travel in Europe 

·        And last but not least, the joy of Bruce Springsteen and seeing him live in Vienna, Prague  & Berlin. 

Like myself, Mark doesn’t just listen to Bruce, and he made some great song choices for this episode: 

60’s                     The Beatles                     Michelle 

70’s                     Pink Floyd                        Wish You Were Here 

80’s                     Bruce Springsteen       Hungry Heart 

90’s                     Genesis                               I Can’t Dance 

00’s                     Kylie Minogue                Can’t Get You Out of My Head 

10’s                     Emeli Sande                     Breathing Under Water 

20’s                     Texas                                    Mr Haze 

We also touched on a wide range of artists and songs during our chat , all of whom can be found in this playlist


Intro & Background
The 60's - The Beatles - Michelle
The 70's - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
The 80's - Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart
The 90's - Genesis - I Cant Dance
The 00's - Kylie Minogue - I Cant Get You Out Of My Head
The 10's - Emeli Sande - Breathing Under Water
The 20's - Texas - Mr Haze
Final Thoughts & Close